Golf Surgery Drill


To align the clubface square to target line

Exercise: -       Hold club in non-target hand on grip, slightly below the grip. Hinge club head to eye level and with target hand on grip adjust leading edge until in 12 o’clock position. Take grip / hold with target hand and then marry non-target hand to suit.  Then place club head on club shaft on the ground which points at target (grip end to target) notice how leading edge is at 90 degrees to target line! Square or more simply 12 o’clock.

Toes / feet 12 o’clock Object: - To align and address the feet Exercise: - At address to the ball with the feet closed take a small step with the target foot and a bigger step with the non-target foot until a normal stance width has been achieved. The emphasis with this drill is that the student must step to the side with both steps which feet stay pointed in a 12 o’clock position (toes obviously flared to suit the individual – but not excessively)  Parallel Clubs I Train Tracks
Object: -To align the feet parallel to target line
Exercise: - Place a club on ground towards an imaginary target (grip end to target) then check club aim accuracy from club (ball) to target line.  Place a second club parallel to the first one approximately where feet will be. You should then take their stance with toe of club touching target line shaft and toes close but not touching feet line shaft. The feet / toes should now be aligned perfectly square to target line. We can now take the target line club away, adjust the feet shaft further from feet and balls can be hit from this position T For Ball Position
Object: - To establish the correct ball position

Exercise: - Extension of parallel clubs drill where you adopt your stance and a third club is added in centre of the feet with the grip pointing towards the target line shaft. You will have a clear picture of correct ball position. Balls can be hit from this position.

Set the Correct Ball Position

Object: - Correct ball I hand / head position

Exercise: - Take stance with feet a foot (shoe) distance apart. Ball should be positioned in line with non-target foot, Step into normal stance width position with non-target foot. This move sets correct ball I hand position and also correct head position. You should notice head sits behind ball and ball is between target heel and centre or stance.


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