Golf Surgery Tip



Distance control on pitch-shots is mostly influenced by the length of the backswing. The longer the backswing the greater the potential speed of the club-head and the longer the resultant shot.

There are various styles that we can use to accomplish a successful pitch but there are a few essentials which must be adhered to:  

  • Shorten down on the grip for greater control which also reduces stance width and brings you closer to the ball.
  • By narrowing the stance the student can set the weight more to the target side which prevents over-shifting to the non-target side on the backswing.
  • Feet and hips can be slightly open to the target which makes it easier to see the target line and to swing down the target line. This also restricts the backswing length which can give better control.

To achieve good rhythm is vital in this element of the game.  Remember is you rush the swing you will cause yourself to over swing, pull the ball left of target and even miss hit the shot - take your time and feel the rhythm with your eyes shut and get that lovely natural rhthym - you will be surprised by the results.

 Good Luck 

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