Golf Surgery Tip

Forward Swing


With the shoulders having turned approximately 90 degrees and the hips only 45 degrees, the upper body has been ‘wound up’ against the lower body, and the resistance of the legs to the turn of the shoulders has created a feeling of tension around the hips.

This tension is now released automatically as a reaction to the coil wind-up of the backswing. The body weight will be transferred from the right side to the left foot and leg. The wrists will simultaneously un-cock and propel the club head in the direction of the target for the initial part of the through swing. The hands will then take the club-head slightly on the Inside.

REMEMBER: the release of the body tension and the un-cocking of wrists are not to the ball but more to the target. This is where the expression, “hitting through the ball rather than hitting at”, is derived.

It must be stressed that the wrist / hand action is not a conscious movement but a response to the action of the backswing.

As the momentum takes the hands, arms and bodyweight to the full follow through, the points to look for are:

  • The left hip has cleared on the downswing as the hips have a LATERAL / ROTATIONAL movement during the unwind 
  • The upper body has aimed to, or just left of, the target indicating a full release 
  • The weight is almost totally on the left foot and the left leg will become straightened slightly. The right knee has come in towards the left knee and the right foot is up on the toe with the sole of the foot facing away from the target 
  • The head was not kept ‘down’ but held in a central position until after the ball had been struck. It then turned and lifted as the through swing was completed.
  • Remember, failure to allow this to happen will restrict the follow-through and release of the bodyweight resulting in a loss of power.
  • Most importantly, the whole body will be in balance — not tilting forward or backward but totally stable.

It is important to allow things to happen naturally - the more we restrict our movement the more we restrict movement and the natural power of the body to complete the swing.

Just remember the grip/hold pressure.  If we strangle the club tightly then we will not achieve release at the right time - it is vital that the grip pressure is firm enough to hold the club and not let go but not so light that we let go of the club - remember the exercise for grip/hold?  If not then take a look.

 Good luck 

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