Golf Surgery Tip



First Move / Takeaway
Having established the correct set-up it is important not to allow tension (physical) to develop/build up. All good players move in some way whilst preparing to begin the swing. Some waggle a gentle movement back and forward with the club, hands and wrists, which can ease any tensions in the set-up, encouraging a smooth, rhythmic beginning/start to the backswing. Examples could be hinge/set. One piece takeaway where hands/arms/shoulders/torso simulate first move as hands just reach non-target foot. A ‘forward press’ can be a ‘kick-start’ to the swing, e.g. : -- gently pushing the hands forward or kicking the non-target knee in slightly towards target direction.
It is essential throughout the swing that the club and body work together. To that end all movements must be co-coordinated in a smooth rhythmical fashion. Be encouraged to understand that the golf swing is a set of movements that are put together to achieve a whole movement.  
The initial movement of the swing is called the “Takeaway”.
 §  The hands, arms and shoulders move back from the ball, retaining their relationship to approximately waist level. During the backswing movement there will be a slight ‘cocking’ or ‘setting’ or ‘angling’ of the wrists. There is no given point when this happens as it depends on centrifugal force, length of the shaft and weight of the club.

§  The left arm will remain comfortably straight and the shaft will be parallel to the ball-to-target line.

§  The right arm that was held slightly bent at the elbow in the set-up will continue to be in this shape and ready to bend even further in response to the force of the wrist cock at the top of the backswing.

The elbows at this point of the swing should be the same distance apart as at set-up. The body weight will begin to transfer to the inside of the right foot. The right knee will be comfortably flexed and the left knee will point either towards the ball or to the right of it, dependent on the club being used and the consequential position. The right hip will turn backwards but will not sway to the right.
When these movements are put together in a coordinated swing it is commonly known as the ONE-PIECE TAKEAWAY.
If, at the top of the backswing the clubface points to the sky, it is in a closed or shut position. If the toe of the club head points to the ground, the face is in an open position. The square or neutral clubface is at a point between the two

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