Golf Surgery Tip


A good Ball Position is vital to our game.  If you have poor ball position then you could end up with decreasing loft to the club (too far back) and adding loft (too far forward) and thereby not achieving the results you want.

The same ball position can be used for all standard shots, where by the stance width is adjusted to suit the club being used; the stance is widened or narrowed progressively to create the correct angle of attack.

The longer the club the further forward the ball will appear to be in the stance.
An indication for consistent positioning is the hands being opposite the inside of the target thigh. When the stance is widened with the woods/ metals the hands will be positioned to the back of the ball.

With the iron shots the hands must be positioned so that they lead the club head at impact (set the position at the beginning) “hands in line, head behind

A good guide for the beginner in achieving the same ball position with a seven iron as an example - is to stand at the ball with feet together - the right hander will open his left foot (target foot) To a short distance from the right foot and then move the right foot (non target foot) twice that distance away from the left foot.  The ball position will be the same each time and build your feeling, understanding, trust and confidence.

When you see the tour pro's you will see some of them doing exactly this drill each time.  Try it!

Good Luck

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