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The golfing dictionary part XIII

Golfing terms starting with the letter 'M'

Posted Apr 28, 2011 by Weird World Of Golf

Do you know what a Mulligan is? Or perhaps the term Moving Day? Or even Military Golf? Well if you do, there may be a few others here you don’t and if you don’t keep reading as we reveal all! Yep, we’re looking at the golfing dictionary once again and this week, it’s the letter ‘M’ we’re focusing our attention on. As always, if you can think of a term we’ve missed, we’re more than happy to hear from you so post your comment with this article. We look forward to receiving your thoughts but for now, here’s our golfing terminology beginning with the letter ‘M’...

MarkThis is when you use a small object, mostly a coin or something of a similar ilk, and place behind your ball on the green to show where it lies but to make sure it doesn’t distract someone else’s path to the hole. A ball is marked and then replaced in the same spot.

Match PlayA style of competition where players compete to win each hole by hitting the lowest score of said hole. If you score a four and your opponent scores a five, you are then one up in match play terms.

MedalA form of competition were the winner is determined by whoever shoots the lowest score over 18 holes.

Member’s bounce A huge slice of fortune that sees you ball bounce in a favourable direction, giving the illusion that the player was expecting that to happen as they play the course frequently. Also known as local knowledge.

Military GolfAka Army Golf where a player is so wild they hit the ball from left then right then left then right and so on.

Money PlayerA golfer who appears to play well under pressure, making all the important putts and hitting great shots when needed.

Moving Day
The Saturday of a four day competition where contenders attempt to position themselves in a strong place so they can challenge on the final day.

MulliganThis is your second shot from the tee following a first drive that may be lost of unplayable. If the first ball is lost or unplayable as predicted then the Mulligan is played with a one-stroke penalty although many amateurs often forget that final piece of information!

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