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The golfing dictionary part XII

Golfing terminology beginning with the letter 'L'

Posted Apr 22, 2011 by Weird World Of Golf

Hello my avid followers, today we’re up to the letter ‘L’ in our golfing dictionary and just shy of half way through. We will be looking at terminology used by golfers such as lag, launched, links and lip – words that probably make little sense to those outside of the sport but will hopefully become clearer shortly. As always, if you think we’ve missed any, feel free to comment at the bottom of this piece. So here is your golfing dictionary with words beginning with the letter ‘L’...

Ladies teesAn area where female golfers are allowed to start each hole from and where male golfers must hit their tee shots past in order to avoid embarrassment and harassment from their golfing friends.

Lag – Instead of going for a long putt, this is where you hit it conservatively to leave it close so you can complete the hole with the next shot. Aggressive golfers will never do this and will mock those who do!

LaunchedBoom! This is a thunderous strike from the tee that sets off like a missile.

Lay up
Another term aggressive golfers will mock others for. Like in the film Tin Cup where Kevin Costner is advised to lay up and make a tough play in two but he decides that fortune favours the brave and tries to do it in one. Conservative and percentage golfers lay up, kamikaze and aggressive golfers don’t.

Leak oil
This is what a golfer does when his/her game starts to go to pot and everything starts to go wrong, as in a car leaking oil. (Golfers are clever aren’t they?!)

LegsIf a ball continues to roll forward for some distance after it has landed then it has legs, if it stops dead, it doesn’t.

LieEither where the player’s ball stops and comes to rest or the number of shots a player claims to have had in getting to said point!

LinksA type of golf course generally found near the coast. It applies to a course that is laid out over the natural contours of the wind-swept land adjacent to the sea and famous links courses include St Andrews in Scotland.

LipTo give someone abuse or the perimeter of the hole that every golfer is trying to find!

Lip outWhen a putt hits the edge of the cup and fails to drop. Frustrating.

Lurking A term to describe players ready to make a move towards the top of a leaderboard in stroke-play tournaments or those amateurs who frequent the bar more than the course!

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