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The golfing dictionary part XI

Golfing terminology beginning with the letter 'K'

Posted Apr 13, 2011 by Weird World Of Golf

It’s that time of the week again when we bring you the terminology that graces our golf courses and the definitions that accompany them. Today we’ll be looking at ‘K’ and highlighting several terms including the likes of kick, knife and knock-off. Some of these you may not of heard, others you will have but if you feel we’ve missed anything feel free to let us know by commenting at the bottom of this article. So here you go, here’s several golfing terms beginning with the letter ‘K’...

KeeperSomething every golfer loves and more commonly known as a successfully, perfectly executed shot.

Keeping scoreNo golfer is very good at this and there is one reason for that, the score ends up with high numbers such as 93, 108, 98 etc. It can be demoralising so you’ll find many golfers abandon the counting way of scoring and play for holes won or points gained as it reads a lot better! Some players have even been known to ‘miss-count’ at one time or another!

KickEasy one this, it’s when the ball bounces forward, or in any direction, ending in a position that favours you.

Kill itTo smash the ball so hard that you knock all life out of it! Tiger Woods, John Daly and Bubba Watson are all capable of this.

KnifeThe dreaded one iron! So called because it looks like a knife and it’s as easy to hit as a knife. There’s a joke that not even God can hit a one iron, but He may just be the only person who can consistenty!

Knock-offA club that is a replica, clone, forgery etc of the original design and these beauties are popular with amateurs because they look like the real things but don’t cost anywhere near as much.

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