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The golfing dictionary part X

Golfing words that start with the letter 'J'

Posted Apr 06, 2011 by Weird World Of Golf

Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s that time of the week again where we take a look at the crazy world of golf and the language that golfers use when out and about on the course. This week, it’s our tenth instalment so that means the letter ‘J’ which is one of the least used consonants when it comes to describing words used by the sport’s players. As always, if you’ve got anything to add or you think we’ve missed a word or two, feel free to pitch in your suggestions at the bottom of the article. So here is our golfing terminology beginning with the letter ‘J’...

JailThis is a place from where escape is next to impossible and is usually used to describe the lie of a hacker. Possible locations include heavy rough, wooded areas, buried lies, water or any other unpleasant place.

JawsThe front of the cup, often used to describe a putt that falls inches short of its desired destination.

Jelly legsNervous golfers suffer from this when the going gets tough.

JuiceQuite simply, backspin on the ball. You’ll often hear people say ‘that’s got plenty of juice on it’.

Juicy lieYou’ve hit the rough and you’re expecting the worst but when you approach your ball you see it’s sat pertly on top of the grass and is easily accessible. This is a juicy lie.

Jump on itTo hit that little white thing with your maximum force, hoping it will achieve the best possible distance for the club in hand.

JungleAvoid at all costs! This is the heaviest, thickest, nastiest rough on the course and is out to get you!

Junk A collective term for all side bets placed during a game.

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