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The golfing dictionary part VIII

Golfing terminology beginning with the letter 'H'...

Posted Mar 24, 2011 by Weird World Of Golf

Welcome back to our dictionary on terms often heard from golfing circles worldwide, and today we will be looking at the letter ‘H’. Many of the associated words are considered bad parts of the game (for the amateur at least!) as we will be looking at terms such as hazard, hook and hacker. Once again, if you can think of anything we’ve missed, feel free to post your comment and increase our vocabulary on the game! So here’s golfing terminology starting with the letter ‘H’ for you...

Hacker I’ve been described as this in the past and it cut deeply! It means a shockingly bad golfer who hacks his way around the golf course. Offensive indeed.

HalveTo tie a hole or a match in matchplay terms. So if two players shoot a four on the third then they halve and if they have won the equal amount of holes over the course of a round they halve.

HandicapThe game itself is considered a handicap for most players but for those who do have a grasp on it, this is the average score over par you go around your home course in. So if someone averages 14 over every time they play they will have a handicap of 14.

HazardPut there by man to frustrate another man! These are man-made obstacles, either a bunker or water hazard, placed around the course with the aim of destroying your round. The scene on many heinous crimes on the golf course!

HoleThe little round thing on the green that you have to get your ball in. Harder than many anticipate.

Hole-in-oneThe near impossible task of hitting the ball from tee to hole in one go. This achievement is followed by having to go into the bar and buy everyone a drink. Expensive achievement.

Home courseWhere you play regularly and where you post your handicap.

HonourNot many enjoy this one. Where we are all laughed at for messing up the shot – by going first!

HookMany try to claim it as a draw but there is a distinct difference between the two – a draw is intended and only curves a short distance, whereas a hook is exaggerated and unintended and your ball will curve so sharply from right to left, you won’t know what to do next!

HumpingThis is when your poor caddy is carrying that huge bag around 18 holes because you can’t be bothered!

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