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The golfing dictionary part VII

The language of golf - terms beginning with the letter 'G'

Posted Mar 16, 2011 by Weird World Of Golf

Welcome back to our latest instalment of our golfing dictionary for all you avid followers. We’ve looked at the first six letters of our alphabet and now we move onto golfing terminology beginning with the letter ‘G’ which throws up some obvious ones like green, golf, golfing and grip. Take a look through our list below and see if there’s anything else you can add to it. We’re always keen to hear from our readers and we hope you find our dictionary both informative and amusing at times. Here is our list of golfing words beginning with the letter ‘G’...

GameThis is simply a competitive round of golf but also refers to players’ style and standard of play during a round. You often hear players saying ‘you’ve got game’ to competitors that simply means they’re on fire or ‘you left your game at home’ which translates as ‘you’re terrible, go home’!

Get downShouted by golfers who’ve let fly and want their ball to stop in the air and drop at that instant.  Usually this can be heard when a player is long and wide of the target that he/she or was aiming at.

Get upSee above. Think opposite. Usually on the green when the ball hasn’t been hit hard enough and you’re second putt is pretty much as far away as the first effort!

GimmeWhen the putt is so close the player can’t miss it, it’s known as a gimme. Only ever used in friendly games and rarely ever meant. Players will ask for gimmes from some extreme distances.

GloveAs with all gloves, worn on your hand although this isn’t for warmth or style but for grip. So they say!

Golfing holidayDoesn’t exist! If you’ve ever played golf you’ll know you can never class being anywhere and playing the game as a holiday!

GreenA smooth, small area that all golfers try to find and some rarely do. A place where the spirits of man can be broken and destroyed on one swift effort.

Grip it and rip itForget everything you’ve been taught or told, grip the club hard and swing hard, hoping that the end product is the best, longest shot you have ever hit.

Groundera shot that skims the floor and never leaves the ground. Also known as a skimmer, a grass cutter and a shocker!

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