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The golfing dictionary part VI

Terminology used by golfers beginning with the letter 'F'

Posted Mar 08, 2011 by Weird World Of Golf

Out on any golf course you will hear endless cries of four letter terms exchanged between players and muttered under ones breath, some of the most prominent being ‘Fore’ or ‘f*@k’ – terms most of us know and understand. But here, we look at other terms, as well as these, and give you definition of each. As with our previous instalments of this series, feel free to add any you think we’ve missed. Today, here is our breakdown of golfing terminology beginning with the letter ‘F’...

FadeA controlled way of hitting a slice! For a right-hander, it’s when the ball moves from left to right and the opposite for lefties. Lots of players claim a fade when in fact, they have just sliced the ball really badly!

FanTo line up, club behind the ball, take your swing and completely miss it! It’s when the air moves but the ball doesn’t!

FatTo hit it fat. This is a frustrating moment for all golfers and one that is often greeted by many expletives! It is when a golfer hits the ground behind the ball before striking the little white object meaning no spin and a lack of desired distance.

First teeA destination where all players gather nerves and panic over hitting a shocker that doesn’t make it off the tee. Groups usually gather here like a pack of wolves preying on their young, unsuspecting prey and pounce when things go badly!

FlierThis is when you smash a shot, generally with the heel of the club and it flies further than you want or expect it to.

FluffA shot often seen on the first tee. A shocker, normally seen going a yard or two.

ForeShouted when a shot is so wayward it is in danger of hitting a fellow player, generally on another hole.

FuzzyThis describes the condition of the greens that haven’t been cut in the recent history. This makes putting slow and difficult and can be like playing your putt on the fairway.

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