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The golfing dictionary part V

The weird world of golf terminology - the letter 'E'

Posted Feb 24, 2011 by Weird World Of Golf

It’s that time of the week again when we look at the weird world of our beloved sport, golf, and give you a run down of the terminology used by golfers from across the planet. Today, we’ll be looking at words beginning with the letter ‘E’ and as always, if there’s any you think we’ve missed feel free to pipe up in our comments section and let us know. It was a difficult task this week, thinking of these words and we’ve only managed to come up with five different terms. See what you think...

EagleEveryone’s heard this one and many of my non-golfing friends ask what the obsession with birds is in our sport. The answer to that I do not know but I can tell you what eagle refers to in this sport. It simply means finishing the hole two shots under the par score for that hole. So a hole-in-one on a par three is an eagle but is also referred to as an ace or a hole-in-one just to confuse matters. A two on a four and a three on a five are also eagles. Usually very rare in the amateur game except for those players who live in a dream world!

EggNot commonly used but a term referring to the ball, but only when talking of the ball in a putting situation. Never hit, chip or pitch the egg, only ever putt or roll it. A strange term and we’re not entirely sure where it comes from.

Elephant’s assA shocking shot, one that refers to a drive that is higher than it is far and a common sight on the first hole of many public golf clubs around the country.

EquipmentEssential within the game and pretty self-explanatory. You know, it’s the clubs, balls, bags, tees and all the other silly little gadgets that the modern day golfer uses.

EtiquetteOur final word of the week. Golf is known as a gentlemen’s game because of the etiquette involved but today that etiquette is tested by the modern day players. Essential to maintain the spirit of the game and simply put, these are the rules of the game that everyone should stick to and they include such things as:
‘You can fire balls at slow players in front of you in a bid to speed them up!’
And ‘Win at all costs!’

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