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The golfing dictionary part IX

Terminology used by golfers beginning with the letter 'I'

Posted Mar 30, 2011 by Weird World Of Golf

Welcome back to the latest instalment of the golfing dictionary, our look at the terminology used by golfers throughout the world that often makes little sense to those outside of the sport. Today we’re looking at terms beginning with the letter ‘I’ and we hope that you will find some understanding of what we’re talking about at times! As always, if you have any suggestions to add to it, please feel free to tell us by commenting on the article below. So here is a our list of terms beginning with the letter ‘I’...

Iffy lieThis can be used when you find your ball is a lie that is unfavourable and when you don’t know how the shot is going to finish when you attempt to hit it. A dodgy situation for all concerned!

Impossible lieWhen you find trouble and discover that your ball is in a position that is obstructed by an immovable object, i.e., a tree, a huge rock, or alike, then you are in an impossible lie. Difficult one to get out of and usually results in a dropped shot.

In – The final nine holes of your chosen course of play, also known as the turn as your are heading back to the 19th hole or the bar as it is commonly known!

In hit bagThis is an expression used by golfers to state that a certain player is capable of pulling of a specific type of shot. This can be used when a player is faced with what is seen by many as an impossible shot but not for the person in question.

InstructionThere are many books on how to play golf but instruction is something that is impossible in golf! You cannot learn the sport from a book and it’s list of instructions so don’t ever attempt. Equally if someone offers you instruction, unless they are a registered professional teacher, ignore at all costs. It will only cause you more grief.

IronsThe things you use to hit the pesky little white object also known as a ball!

Is it any good?A question put out there by many a golfer who has just hit the best shot of their life. Often used rhetorically to stunned playing partners as a way of confirming that you have just hit said shot. Also used when a player is playing blind and needs some guidance from those around him/her.

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