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The golfing dictionary part IV

More comical terminology from golfers - the time beginning with the letter 'D'

Posted Feb 17, 2011 by Weird World Of Golf

A golfer’s world is a weird world and as we have shown with the last three instalments of our golfing dictionary, they have a language of their own that to people away from the game can sound a little, well, crazy at times. Today, we are going to focus on the letter ‘D’ in our dictionary and bring you a range of terms golfers use that you’ve probably heard and perhaps not really understood. If you can think of any we’ve missed feel free to chip in with some thoughts of your own on our comments section. So here are golfing words beginning with the letter ‘D’...

Dance FloorI love this one as it simply refers to the green. Taken from the shear joy of finding the green which in turn makes us all dance with joy (it’s rare for some of us!) or simply because the greens are generally smooth and flat like a dance floor. You decide.

Dawn PatrolThese are the guys that tee up at sunrise and hit the first balls of the day. These guys are either extremely dedicated, a little insane or have something to get away from!

DiggerA player who takes a huge divot (see below) with his/her irons, generally causing some discomfort due to the club hitting the ground so hard and the body trying to continue with the same motion. These players can often be seen dropping their club and shaking their hands to signal pain.

DivotThe large variety are caused by a digger where as the better players take a small divot to help control the ball better. A divot simply refers to a piece of ground removed from the surface during a stroke.

DogearAn unkempt, patchy, marked tee, fairway and green is often hit by this term. Not good if it’s a dogear!

DoglegA frustrating hole on any course or a hole that can be exploited. This term means there is a 90° angle between the tee and the green. Big hitters, if the opportunity is there will always try and cut the corner and go for the green in one or take out a massive chunk of the hole’s distance.

DogtrackLike dogear, not good. But instead of one hole being a dogear, this means the whole course is poorly looked after and maintained.

Down and dirtyYou have to play the ball as it lies which means no manipulation of the ball by turning it over or making it sit better. This is how you should play the game and your score lacks all meaning unless you play this way.

DowntownA huge tee shot sends the ball to this location.

DufferA cheat! A player who generally says his or her score is less than half of what it actually is.

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