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The golfing dictionary part III

A look at words golfer use worldwide - the letter 'C'

Posted Feb 10, 2011 by Weird World Of Golf

The letter ‘C’ begins so many tirades from golfers across the world that we can’t possible publish such outlandish content here on Imagine, but today, we will take a look at some more reasonable golfing lingo beginning with the letter ‘C’.  Hopefully, you will recognise some of the terminology we are about to show you as we make our way through the golfing dictionary. Also feel free to add you own by commenting on this article. So here goes - the letter ‘C’...

CaddyThe poor person who has to do all the donkey-work for the ‘professionals’. Needs eyes of a hawk, strength of a bear and patience of a saint. Rare breed.

Cart golfThis is a term used to describe two golfers sharing a buggy who repeatedly hit the ball in the same direction – and this is usually deep, heavy, unplayable rough!

Chilli dipA term used when a player of any level fluffs a chip shot by hitting the ground before making contact with the ball which results in the ball rolling just a few inches! We’ve all done it, even Tiger.

Chip shotA shot from around the green that aims to leaving you close to the hole to one putt. However, this is a rare occurrence for amateurs and we often end up the same distance away on the other side of the hole!

ClubPretty self-explanatory one! Although often referred to as a stick by people outside the sport.

ClubfaceThe bit of the club used to hit the ball. Ideally used for this but often used to smack the ground, tree, bag or whatever else is in the local vicinity after a poor shot.

ClubhouseRules, drinks, food and demoralised golfers can all be found here!

CourseDesigned to be played on, but generally just something nice to look at as you trawl through the trees, hedges and lakes looking for your latest misplaced shot.

CupThe plastic cylinder fitted into the hole on the green that every player aims to hit in as few shots as possible. Been known to never be located by some players!

CutTwo meanings. 1. To reach the latter stages of a professional tournament after staying in touch with the leader. 2. A shaped shot from left to right, often not controlled and often not meant. Also known as a slice amongst high-handicappers!

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