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The golfing dictionary part II

Terminology used by golfers beginning with the letter B

Posted Feb 04, 2011 by Weird World Of Golf

Golfers all enjoy a certain language that only other golfers understand. Well now, thanks to our ‘golfing dictionary’ everyone in the world can understand what a golfer is talking about when they use terms such as ‘airmail’ and ‘back door’. Last week we brought you the golfing definition for words beginning with the letter ‘A’ and now, this week we look at the letter ‘B’. Here’s what we’ve come up with...

Back doorThis one is pretty simple and is used to describe the opposite side of the hole to where a player’s ball lies on the green. You will often hear people called lucky or jammy if they hole out using the back door.

Back handerAh a classic! This is a term used to define when a putt is struck with the back of the putter blade. Sometimes golfers of all abilities will do this in an extremely casual fashion when the ball is near the hole. However, it has been known for amateurs to mark down their score as if they had made it when they try this technique – this, however, is commonly known by one word, cheating!

Be the ballA classic turn of phrase taken from the profound Chevy Chase in the movie Caddyshack. This can be heard nationwide at amateur golf clubs by golfing geeks, much to the annoyance of those playing with them!

BeachA bunker. Many may have heard the joke that someone who finds a lot of bunkers ‘spends more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff’, referring the great man from Baywatch.

Birdie A one under par score on any hole, something extremely elusive to us amateur golfers!

BiteAfter a short approach or chip shot when you think you’ve put too much on the ball, you shout bite in the hope the ball will hear you and suddenly spin and slow itself down! Alternatively, you can state that you have put plenty of bite on the shot and this will cause backspin. Remember, no matter how good it looks, it’s only good if it means your ball ends up closer to the hole!

Bogey & bogey train – A bogey is a one over par score on a hole whereas a bogey train is a run of scores that ruins any round!

Bomb An extremely long, powerful, well-placed drive. Tiger Woods hits bombs. Bubba Watson hits bombs. Amateur golfers don’t.

Break This means the change of direction of a putt and is often heard being shouted at a ball as it continues to run straight despite their being an obviously slope in play!

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