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The golfing dictionary

We take a look at the terminology all golfers use

Posted Jan 28, 2011 by Weird World Of Golf

It’s the end of January already and with suspect weather hindering many golfers over the last few months, we thought it’d be great to relax and look at the lighter side of our beloved game. We’ve already given you some of the best one-liners around this week, but now we thought, after stumbling across it on the internet, that it’d be a bit of fun to look at the golfing dictionary. Today we will bring you the first in a series of terms that golfers used worldwide – universal golfing slang if you like. And what better place to start in our dictionary than at the letter ‘A’.

A GameSimply the very best you can play the game. Us normal golfer seldom experience this elusive A Game, although it’s something that has now even escaped the grasp of the great Tiger Woods!

Afraid of the DarkWe’ve all known this one! This is what a putt amounts to when it just won’t go in the bleeding hole.

AirmailA frequent on golf course all over the world as amateurs try to make sure they don’t find the hazard in front of the green. Airmail is when you hit a shot much further than planned, and happens most commonly over the greens.

Amateur GolferA person who plays the game of golf for the pleasure it provides. Although, if you ask, not many get pleasure from this most infuriating sport out there!

Army Golf Ah another cracker aimed at amateur golfers the land over. This is used to describe the inconsistent, wayward shots of amateur golfers that is also described as “left-right, left-right” like a drill sergeant’s howling during an army march.

AwayThis translates as the player whose ball lies furthest from the hole. The player is required, by the rules of our beloved game, to make the first shot. If, after the player has taken this shot, they are still the furthest from the hole, it is then their right to curse the lie, swear at the club which can also be thrown and, if necessary, take a swipe at the unsuspecting bag whose fault it was for giving out the club!

And there you have the definition of golfing terms beginning with the letter ‘A’. Next week, we’ll take a look at the letter ‘B’ – a letter extremely well used in the sport.

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