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Question: What do you get when you cross a kangaroo with a gorilla?

Posted Jun 01, 2010 by Weird World Of Golf


Answer: a Kangarila, apparently.

Golf, as we all know, is quite hard. Try as you might to relax and just enjoy yourself, you invariably end up wrapped up in knots trying to work out why the little white thing won't go in the intended direction when you hit it with that bit at the end of your stick. The words 'golf' and 'fun' are not naturally associated with each other.

So sometimes you have to force yourself. Kangarila is for those days when you want to play golf without having to give yourself a hard time. A Kangarila golf ball is the result of combining a lottery ball and a dice.

Players have to choose five clubs to play, then they tee off as usual. Depending on the lie of the ball and which marked area faces upwards, players play their next shot using the indicated club, their 'kanga' club, or with a free choice of club. If it already seems a little complicated, check out this clip, which offers a more useful explanation.

Kangarila is on sale for £29.99, with refill slevves of balls at £7.99 each. Visit the Kangarila website for more information.

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