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Tips to help improve your putting

Knock shots off your round with these practice routines

Posted Sep 17, 2010 by Tips and Techniques

Putting tips

The most difficult part of golf, and the part of the game where you can get your handicap tumbling, is on the green with the putter in your hand. Today we are going to look at a few putting techniques which will hopefully improve your return on the greens at your club.

Putting tip number one

Long range putts – to nail more of those putts from long range, you are going to have to practice, practice, practice, and here is a great tip to start you off.
When faced with a daunting putt from distance, pace out from your ball to the hole to give you a more precise evaluation of the distance you need to hit the ball.
This should give you an idea of how far to draw back the club. Do this for your practice swing and then pace it out again before actually striking the ball.
When you make a good putt, try to remember how the tempo felt and the length of the putting stroke for that length of putt. This could save you from so many of those frustrating three putting experiences!

Putting tip number two

Lag putting – When we’re out on the golf course, we don’t hit the ball close every time so this is about trying to make the long putts in two shots rather than three.
On address, have the ball forward in your stance so the ball will be hit on the up stroke giving it over spin. Keep the stroke one paced, like a pendulum. This should help you to make the distance putts in two rather than three, especially if you take into account tip number one at the same time.

Remember that practice makes perfect and the more time you spend on the practice green, the better your score will be when out on the course. Good luck!

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