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Three tips to improve your performance

Practice as you want to play and master your balance

Posted Sep 06, 2010 by Tips and Techniques

Golf swing

Here we’re going to give you a few different tools that will help improve your game. We’re going to look at your practice swing, how to play the ball when it is lying above your feet and what to do when it is lying below the level of your feet. If you can master these then you will be able to improve you scores dramatically and get that handicap tumbling.

Here’s tip number one…

Master your practice swing

If you want to hit more greens then rehearsed the shot you’re going to play properly and you will notice a massive difference from just swing the club aimlessly. The worse thing you can do is to practice with a rubbish practice shot. You need to rehearse the shot correctly. Remember that a correct practice swing leads to correct golf shot. You must practice how you want to play.

Play the ball above your feet

This is a really tough shot for any standard of golfer. The slope is automatically trying to put all your weight back on to your heels so you must make a conscious effort to keep your weight on your toes, and to maintain this discipline throughout the swing.

You must also remember, the ball is going to come out with some right-to-left movement on it, so in your set up, make allowances to counteract for that so you don’t overshoot your shot. Also, to avoid hitting the ground too early, you need to maintain your height through impact, making sure that your head and your chest stay nice and tall. Try gripping down on the club too as this may give you added control.

Your balance is the key to making this shot a success so try to keep that in mind when faced with it.

Play the ball below your feet

Again this is a tough shot for any standard of golfer and these following tips may help you to improve this facet of your game.

Your balance is once again thrown off and you will automatically thrown forwards so you need to make a conscious effort to stay upright and solid throughout this shot. Stay on your toes throughout but maintain your balance throughout and expect the ball to move from left-to-right, so aim left your target. Try to lengthen the shaft and hold the club right at the end and this will go some way to minimizing the slope.

Good luck with these tips!

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