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The flop shot

A little tip to help master this tricky shot

Posted Sep 19, 2010 by Tips and Techniques

The Flop Shot

If you find yourself with the pin close the edge of the green where you are playing from, and putting isn’t an option, the only way you can get the ball to stop quickly and close to the flag is by playing and high spinning flop shot – a shot perfected by Phil Mickelson.
Now this looks fantastic when you pull it off. And using the following tips, you will be able to do so more frequently.
Our tip is to grip a little firmer with your top hand (left hand for right handers, vice versa for lefties), then hinge the club on the back swing and this will help you get the clubface open so you can the slide it under the ball which in turn will pop the ball out nice and high and stop quickly next to the flag.
The other thing to remember is that you need to hit through the ball with this shot. Although you may only be a few metres away from your target you need to make sure that you swing properly otherwise you may end up duffing it a couple of feet from where you are.
The nature of the flop shot also means that if you don’t concentrate fully, keep your head down through impact and get the club under the ball, you may end up thinning it off the sole of the club and it flying 50 yards past your target.
The flop shot is a tricky shot but one that can have great effect is you’re in a tricky situation. It’s a very showy shot so confidence in yourself is a must. If you feel it could go wrong, probably best to try something a little different. Good luck with it!

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