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Driving's for show, putting's for dough!

Posted Aug 12, 2010 by Tips and Techniques

Improve your putting

There's an old saying in golf that "driving's for show, putting's for dough" and this couldn't be more true. It's one facet of the game where you can save your round, or easily lose your round and wish you'd stayed at home. And we've all had those dayswhen no matter how hard we try, our putting is just off and others where everything you hit finds the hole.

When it comes to the greens,all you need to remember is line and length. Aim to land your first putt within two feet of the hole in any direction and you're likely to make the second putt quite easily. But that's not always as easy as it sounds!

Judging the distance can be tricky but the best way to maintain control throughout is to keep the length ofyour backswing with the putter, the same as the length of your follow through. There are a few routines you can get into that will give you the consistency of length that you desire.

When practising, and aftertaking your regular putting stance, see the distance you hit the ball when hedraw the putter back to your big toe on your right foot and follow-through tothe big toe of your left foot. Or vice versa for lefties. It'll be around the10-foot mark. Do this several times to see the average distance and then adjustyour swing accordingly for longer or shorter putts. This should then give you greater control when stepping onto the greens for real.

For putts of up to 15 feet,try going from middle of the foot to middle of the foot and then work from here for longer putts.

But remember, the speed ofthe greens may vary so you will have to take this into account! Be prepared to be the envy of your playing partners with your new-found skills on the greens once you’ve mastered this technique.

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