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Master the stinger

A tip to help you out on links or winter courses

Posted Nov 29, 2010 by Tips and Techniques

Driving tips

If you play on a links course, or as it’s winter, on a winter course, and you’re struggling to keep your drives in play, then this tip could be perfect for you.
With the wind blowing and/or the fairways narrowed, you need to gain extra control of your drive and make sure you hit a nice, low shot that can run along the fairway to give you great position for your approach.
So try this tip and see if it improves your percentage of fairways this winter.
So what’s our aim? Our aim is to simply hit a low shot off the tee, keeping it under the wind and getting the ball to roll down the fairways. If you are on a tight hole, this will also help you to keep ball in play and add consistency to your play.
One change you need to make sure of is how high you tee the ball up. Instead of having the ball half and half on and off the clubface, you need to peg the ball down more do it is in the centre of the clubface.
The second change is to your set-up. When you set up, you need to move the ball position from the left heel back in stance one ball.
And the third change is in the back swing. Here, you need to shorten your backswing and swing through at 80% power in order to take the spin off the ball and making sure that the ball flight goes nice and low.
That, in turn, helps you to hit a nice low shot, commonly known as a stinger, which is brilliant on links and winter courses, keeping ball down the fairway and in play enabling you to get to the greens in two.
Try it out and see how you get on.

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