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Visual the shot and select the correct club

Posted Mar 09, 2012 by Tips and Techniques

Chipping techniques

When it comes to selecting the right club for a pitch or chip, we often get it wrong and end up putting the ball exactly where we don’t want it.

And this is especially true for golfers who have recently taken up the game. They struggle, quite naturally, to understand the benefit of good club selection and the factors you need to take into consideration.

The one thing to remember is that when you are chipping, your goal is to choose a club that gets you over whatever obstacle there is between you and the hole, whether that be a bunker, thick rough, a downslope on the green or even a water hazard.

Choosing the right club comes from a straightforward visualization technique and that is to get the ball onto the green at the earliest point, just over the obstacle so that the ball runs towards the hole from there.

So, say the pin is at the back of the green, we get the ball onto the green early with a straight faced club and let the ball run on where as if the pin is at the front, you use a lofted club such as a sand iron so the ball doesn’t run as far.

This should then help you significantly improve your chances of getting down in two from the edge of the green.

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