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Synchronization will lead to more consistent iron play

Posted Oct 25, 2010 by Tips and Techniques

Iron play

Today, we’re going to look at how to get extra consistency with those iron shots and the key to achieving a solid ball strike with your irons is to make sure that all the parts of your body and working in sync, together.
A really great way to make sure of this connection is to make some practice swings with the butt of the club placed on your stomach and after a few swings like this, you can transfer this feeling into your full swing and hit the ball better, and more consistently, than you ever have.
The drill:
The main secret to good iron play is the synchronization of your movement that, simply stated, means keeping every part of your body working together as one. If you can master this, then you will reduce the errors with your iron play dramatically.
So how do you get in sync?
First, go back to beginning, and remember everything must start together. For this, put your golf club in your trunk with your arms down the shaft of the club and take a normal grip.
What you’re looking to do is get everything going together. Make the movement off the ball with everything going together and then you can extend that through the ball to the other side and you can rock back and through, really feeling that everything is going through together.
Once you get a feeling of that, you can grip the club as normal and appreciate that same feeling, almost visualizing that we have a magnet in our hands and in our trunk that again produces that nice fluid, synchronized movement, taking us to the top of our back swing. From here you should be able to rock through as before and take the club all the way through in sync with the rest of your body.
So remember, for extra consistency in your iron play, your body must be in sync, it must work together, start together, working through and finishing together. Practice this and notice the difference. Good luck!

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