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A drill designed to eradicate the nervous twitch when putting

Sink more of those nasty three footers!

Posted Oct 29, 2010 by Tips and Techniques

Putting tips

Do you get nervous when you stand over a three-foot putt? It’s that kind of distance that we know we should make every time we line it up, yet there’s something inside us that makes us panic and then the nerves kick in. Maybe it’s that weight of expectation.
Well if that’s the case for you too, follow this drill and watch the number of three footers you miss suddenly disappear.
It’s called the Push Drill and it’s been develop to help you with holing short putts. It encourages you to adopt the feeling you achieve in this drill in your normal putting stroke so that you don’t fear those short ‘uns any more!
On the course, too often we see people missing these putts by taking a big long stroke that forces them to decelerate into the ball, in turn creating a nervous twitch on impact with the ball that results in an equal three putt the other side as the ball has flown past hole.
Today, we want you to get rid of all that nervous tension. You need to set yourself up with a nice square club face as you would address any putt, place the club behind the ball, take no back swing and push the ball through and hopefully to the hole. Remember this is a drill and is an illegal move in competition golf!
It’s simply a drill to help you push that clubface through square so it eradicates any nervous twitching with the clubface.
Once you are comfortable with this, set up again, take a normal back stroke and push the ball through to the hole, keeping the club face square, and remembering to push the ball through on the shorter putts.
Once this feels natural to you, you will notice that a lot more of these nasty three footers are sunk and your scores improve. Good luck.

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