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Up For The Cup

The Robocup is more than just another putting aid to gather dust in the back of the garage...

Posted May 05, 2010 by The Wish List


While we're on the subject of 80s sci-fi movies (Robocup-Robocop, do keep up), if the makers of this lovely, simple putting aid had named it the Terminator instead, they could have used the tagline 'I'll be back' as part of the marketing spiel. Never mind, Hollywood lawyers are not particularly well-known for having a sense of humour.

So what do you need to know? That the return robot fits in practice and full-depth cups, that you get 12,000 or so putts per four-pack of double As and that it returns the ball back up to 14 feet? All good stuff, but why are we particularly drawn to the caddy cord - a delightfully simple way of making sure that errant putts end up back at your feet? Any suggestions that it's because our putting is appalling. Probably, yes...

The Yes! Robocup is available from the Imagine Golf Shop with a £5 discount at £39.99

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