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Posted Mar 10, 2011 by Sophie Horn

sophie horn 2

It's been a really fantastic week so I thought I would fill you all in a little.

Spent much of last week preparing for Monday's promo shoot….gym everyday, booking spray tans, nails etc…it’s a tough job! Then there was the styling for the shoot, getting the look spot on. This unfortunately involved a shopping trip to Westfield, for which I was happy to oblige!

With my Mini full to the brim with my eclectic mix of golf gear and painfully high heels I set the Sat Nav for PennyHill Park Hotel & Spa and bob's your uncle, 60 minutes later we arrived and WOW what a gorgeous setting! A long tree lined drive way hugged by a golf course one side and the England rugby training facility on the other…could it get much better than this?!?…yes, if it stopped pouring so that I didn't have to keep dodging the huge rain drops in a bid to prevent my tan turning into something which resembles a Dalmatian!

Pulling up to the grand entrance I clocked a flash of horror in the doorman's eyes as he caught a glimpse of the copious amounts of luggage…poor guy! A tour bag, a carry bag, 4 cases of clothes, a bag of shoes and the Horn!

A gorgeous crackling fire sits adjacent to reception filling the room with the comforting smell of burning timber. Happy to be out of the cold, wet weather, we checked into the Polyanthus suite (me and mummy Horn). Every room has an individual name and style which makes the place even more special, for instance opposite our room was the 'Pansy' suite (can't imagine any of the RFU boys being too happy about being handed the key to that little treasure :)

The bedroom itself was beautiful…full of character with plenty of room for Horn & Co. After a quick freshen up we ventured down to the bar to rendezvous with my manager (Woolfie) and his lovely wife Lisa, a couple of bottles of perfectly chilled Pinot and 2 delectable courses later we called it a night. I have to admit I treated myself to an apple and blackberry crumble…although avoided the pre-shoot bread roll so didn't feel too bad ;)

Didn't manage to get too much sleep that night, a mix of excitement and nerves interfered with my counting of the sheep. 6:10am my phone alarm fire's up….gym time! Woolfie and I head over to the gym steadily waking up en route. A quick 40 minute weights session, some scrammy egg and I can't wait to get started with the shoot!

Next it's down to hair and make-up, the lovely Charlotte (Gaskell) transformed me from post gym to pre shoot in no time at all…a mean feat by anyone’s standards :) Dressed in my best ( bikini bike???? and dressing gown) we set off for the main function room.

It looked stunning, the table reminiscent of the Ritz, the huge chandelier glistening in the light and the smiling photographer (Steve Read) setting up his camera along with all of the other gadgets…you wouldn't believe all the kit that goes into a Photo shoot!!

Everything in place and away we go. 5 outfit changes, thousands of flashes and 9 hours later…job done!

The new blonde Horn shoot is in the bag. It was a hard day for everyone and a little chilly in certain areas (of my body) ;) but it was one of the most enjoyable and satisfying day's I can remember!

Meal with the team in the evening followed by an indulgent breakfast in bed and day at the breathtaking spa!

Now it's a little wait until the 11th April when Sport Magazine will showcase my new look and the new Horn site is launched!

Speak soon you Horny fans!

x x x


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