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Race to Dubai

Sophie Horn - The Golf Nurse

Posted Feb 10, 2011 by Sophie Horn


It's great to have the golf season well under way. There's lots of exciting golf ahead!
I'm lucky enough to be in Dubai to soak up the atmosphere at the Omega Dubai Classic, catch up with the boys as well as fine tune the Horn swing...before you say it...I know, it's a chore I could do without but hopefully I'll survive :)
Practicing in the cold seems to make everything so much harder...your muscles feel tight, your hands are like the ice queen and that's not forgetting the lack of feeling in your feet which is always a slight inconvenience. You try to wrap up, only to discover the reason Mallow Man never took to golf!

It's a sure thing golf isn't half as enjoyable in these 'arctic' conditions, which is why I'm struggling to hide this childish smirk of excitement, whilst gazing out of the Hotel window staring into blue sky & sunshine.

I'm a very lucky lady as I've just unwrapped my new kit for 2011 and boy am I happy!

Wilson Staff have surpassed themselves with the new range.....I can't take my eyes off my sparkly new FG62's. Butterflies dance around in my tummy every time I glance over...simply beautiful! Not only do I get to use these sexy blades...I've also received the new DXi Driver, Fairway Woods and the FG wedges...I can hardly contain myself. I apologise if my excitement is grating on you slightly...I'm even annoying myself a little. You should think yourselves lucky...I have to put up with me everyday!
The weather forecast is looking good and the choice of courses even better. This will be the first time I've played in the UAE and having trawled  the you do, the ELS course and Dubai Creek are up there on my to do list. It's a world away from the muddy, swamp-like conditions I've been practicing in. The fairways look perfect, glowing green just waiting to be challenged by the next Knight of the the golfing kingdom....this time it's Horn's turn.

I wonder if Kaymer will still be on unbeatable form...Come on Westy and Rors!!

Here goes....
Signing off for now.
Horn x


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