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Playboy Weekend With The Golf Nurse

Sophie Horn - The Golf Nurse

Posted Apr 21, 2011 by Sophie Horn

sophie horn3

Location - Los Angeles

Horn fans…this was the most amazing experience…I will attempt to describe it as I saw it and make you experience the same excitement!

A gorgeous sunny day in London, car full to the brim with Wilson Horn bags, Woolfie and I arrive at Heathrow excited and intrigued about the trip ahead! LA, Playboy and golf, what a great combo!

A long but bearable flight and then a long and unbearable queue to get through LA Airport, we get a taxi to the Hyatt Century Plaza.

The Hotel address was fairly exciting in itself….Avenue of the Stars, baby! Pulling up at the hotel….the nerves kicked in a little…could of had something to do with the huge Playboy golf signs and the hoards of pretty girls walking around the lobby….even though it's Playboy, you never quite know what to expect. Dressed in my tracksuit and cap from the flight, I made a quick dash to my room with the intention of freshening up and heading down to the bar  to soak up the atmosphere….I ended up ordering chicken noodle soup and falling asleep….what a party girl Horn…crazy!

Thursday was registration day……lines of rather big busted girls queuing to register and pick up their 'Girls of Playboy Golf' uniforms! Unbelievably I could skip the queues and scoot over to the 'Celeb' check in….wooohoo! Issued with a smoking jacket (priceless) plus lots of other great stash the rest of the day was spent by the pool which had the most amazing hot tub…it doesn't get much better…LA, hot tub, sun shine! That night was the Welcome party at the hotel's 'X Bar'….this time I managed to venture down to the action! The bar was packed with an array of interesting people….the best place ever for people watching!

Friday was golf day….kicked off by a big bowl of 'Lucky Charms'….I couldn't resist the sugar packed treats, a cup of tea then to the coach for the 45 minute journey to the awesome Industry Hills GC! Even though the event was just getting started I had a little inkling this could be mad!!

Arriving at Industry Hills GC, the atmosphere was great, everyone buzzing, the music blasting from the DJ booth, the sun shining and hundreds of golf carts lined up! Considering it was 10am, it was odd to see people digging into the Prosecco and Bloody Marys but I wasn't complaining, it was fantastic…this is the way golf should be! I headed over to the range with two glasses of Prosecco and a bucket of balls….I'm not sure whether is was the sunshine, the bubbly or the Lucky Charms but I was striking the ball better than I had all year which brought a huge smile to my face!

A telephone interview with Bleacher (love those guys) followed by some filming for Golfing World and Horn was on a high….loving every minute! 45 minutes after the planned start time, organisers try to steer everyone towards their carts…30 mins later and we're all set :) A quick hi-five as we pass the Playboy girls and on to the first tee. A cracking first drive plus a great team…you could hear the music echoing all over the course! We made it to the 5th hole greeted by a bar, DJ and a bed with bunnies pillow fighting…as you do! This theme continued throughout the round as did the flow of alcohol :) We all managed to play pretty well considering and having pulled up on the 8th tee after 5 hours on the course we headed back, lol! I'm not sure how many people…if any at all completed the full 18 holes….a truly enjoyable day!

Playboy Mansion

Saturday…this is it, the big night....the lingerie and pyjama party at the PLAYBOY MANSION!! We arrived on the bus at around 10pm travelling down the long driveway, the flashes of camera and fairy lights lit the night sky…it was so exciting but surreal at the same time! The whole Mansion was open to look around. We ventured up to the games room (via the Heff star)…which included a mirrored room with unsurprisingly a bed as the floor…I could only imagine the antics this room has witnessed over the years! Next stop was Heff's private bird sanctuary…..birds as in the feathered variety :)

Spray tan's and hair extensions surrounded the pool…1200 guests were expected! I was on the look out for one thing…the grotto! After meeting up with the IMG film crew for Golfing World we went in search of this little gem. I'm not going to lie, the stones and uneven ground teamed with my very high heels didn't make for an easy journey :)…but we made it! The turquoise water was mesmerising, especially with the reflection dancing on the ceiling of the cave! Wow!

Across from the pool was a huge marquee housing lots more bars, pole dancing podiums, a stage and dance floor. Its interior lit with pink and purple lights…..magical! Bunnies were walking around in everything from lingerie and pyjamas to 'nothing' apart from some body paint! I was pleased to have opted for the lingerie option over the glittery nipple tassels as there was a little chill in the air plus a few drops of rain….typical!

We left at 1:30am, a fairly reasonable time so I haven't got any real juicy gossip :( …I imagine it got a lot crazier as the night went on!

I can assure you it's something everyone should experience once! You have to be there to really know what it's like. It's amazing and I CANNOT WAIT for next year :)

Over and out Horn fans


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