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“Nice Cup In Bra,” - Simply bootiful!

The Golf Nurse reviews the golfing bra

Posted Feb 08, 2011 by Sophie Horn


A Golf Bra...utterly ridiculous or complete genius? My first thoughts…you’re having a laugh, I mean seriously?!?

Fortunately this wasn't some saucy present gone wrong...a quick fire way to kill any romance instead triggering an onset of uncontrollable laughter. I first set eyes on this delightful piece of Lingerie after receiving an email from a random golf magazine.

Two metal cups snugly support ones bosom, rather chilly if you ask me although arguably provide some serious protection, above and beyond that of many other bra's on the market. In addition to this when the user sinks a putt into one of the cups, a built-in speaker pumps out a cry of “Nice shot.”. I'm truly finding it extremely difficult to stop laughing for long enough to finish this article. If it were closer to April fools or the great Jeremy Beadle were still with us, I would be rather suspicious of this product appearing in my inbox!

You're sitting in the airport lounge and suddenly develop an urge to fine tune those precious putting skills…as you do! But oh no, there's no where to putt....hold on a bra!! I'll just whip it out, set the nifty putting mat down and off I jolly well on and so discreet! Luckily the bra also comes with a miniskirt which transforms into a flag which boldly admonishes onlookers to "Be Quiet"...there's no missing a trick here!

I've always wondered what happens to all the bitter, slightly insane dragon's den rejects, this product makes me sure they've all grouped together in some secret location, amalgamating all their scatty ideas into one truly outrageous product. To my surprise, it was manufactured by Triumph, a big brand in the world of bra’s. Unsurprisingly this isn't the first time they appear to have indulged in an alcohol fuelled day in the design office, other products include: The Shopping Bag Bra, My Chopsticks Bra, The Solar Power Bra (last time I checked, my boobs didn't need charging) and the Marriage Hunting Bra. Don't go buying them all at once!

Would I buy one? If I'm honest, I probably would, purely for the comical value...I'm in need of a new party trick, my bendy fingers no longer provide the show stopping impact they once did! That aside, I'm pretty sure Nursey shall get the chance to sample this spectacle first hand in the very near future, an experience I look forward to sharing with you all...promise you won't laugh (not too much anyway).

Keep Swinging!
Golf Nurse x

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