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Brocket Hall - A Hidden Treasure

Posted May 11, 2011 by Simon Penson

Spectacular views from the Melbourne Course at Brocket Hall

Golf is a funny game. A lot like life really. You spend your whole life saving and 'hoping' that one day you'll be able to visit, or play, THE golf course to be seen at - The one you see on the TV and the one all the paid-for-advertising raves about.

The problem is those that shout about their offerings so often let you down, while the true gems are actually hardly ever mentioned. They go about their daily business serving their members; all of whom are smart enough to keep such a place to themselves. Brocket Hall is just such a place.

Sure, you may well of heard about Brocket but while so many London golf courses shout about themselves Brocket Hall has gone about its business carving out a luxurious niche for itself serving the kind of people who don't feel the need to wear their obvious wealth on their sleeves.

For those people lucky enough to call themselves members at this 36-hole piece of golfing paradise their reward are some of the best golf holes and immaculately kept greens this side of Valderama.

We visited the estate - which in itself is steeped in history as the 'home' of more than one British Prime Minister - after weeks of no rain and yet the fairways were still soft enough so as not to be out of place on the PGA Tour, while the greens were as receptive as we have ever known.

You can of course find several golf courses that offer pristine playing surfaces and a challenging mix of holes but very few can wrap it in the classy opulence that comes with a round at Brocket Hall.

With a clubhouse boasting views over the surrounding estate, its ancient lakes and even a prized Michelin-starred restaurant in the Auberge du Lac it feels very special to be sat enjoying apost round pint or pre-golf meal.

And then there's the entrance - sat inconspicuously behind tall trees off an otherwise non-descript main road you await automatic gates to be opened for you before you drift down a private road towards the magnificent clubhouse. It really is special.

A good golf course is all about its courses. A great one is just as much about the setting and atmosphere. And Brocket has all three of those three in spades. So, whether you play the Palmerston (as we did) or the Melbourne you will be privileged enough not just to enjoy a great round but also an insight into a hidden world.

They say you can't buy class. We beg to differ. It's the price of a membership at Welwyn's finest golf course.



Brocket Hall Golf Club

2 Championship Courses - The Palmerston and Melbourne

Tel: 01707 335241


Address: Brocket Hall, Welwyn, AL8 7XG

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