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Mark's Kaddy Korner: Week off with special folks

Professional Caddy, Mark Huber on the road

Posted Sep 11, 2012 by Mark's Kaddy Korner

Hey all,
It was another week off, this time above Highway 8 with special folks. After the state trooper let me pass I headed straight for the cabin and didn't leave the property after dark. Deer camp turned into bear camp and a few of my good buddies were there. This week it wasn't only about the hunt, it was about dear friends going through some tough health issues and enjoying some quality time in the woods.
We all have that good ol' friend, you might not see often but when you do, it's like you had a beer together yesterday. Everyone also has a friend/acquaintance you've known over the years who battled a vicious disease valiantly and eventually ended up in God's arms. Gary "Zippy" McVicar was diagnosed with kidney cancer just prior to bear season but postponed surgery till, actually as I write this column he's in the hospital, Tuesday so he could hunt that first bear and be with his buddies. Maria Floyd succumbed to bladder cancer late last week and is resting peacefully in heaven keeping an eye on everyone.
During my travels and experiences I meet folks from all walks of life, I would consider "Zippy" and Maria the far ranges of that spectrum but folks that have left an impression on my life. You take a little from everyone along the way and enjoy their company. "Zippy" is a light hearted, beer drinking, quiet, hard-working, outdoors man, plus a bit of a rabble-rouser who likes to strum his guitar on Jamie's back porch. Maria was a bit out-spoken, feisty, demanding, family-oriented with a huge heart. If you wanted a charity benefit organized, off the ground, raising money you gave Maria a call. She could get things done in a hurry.
She kept a close eye on Raymond and I during the rounds, sometimes a bit too close. I chatted with Ray Wednesday afternoon via phone below the mayor's house in Mellen. We told a few stories, laughed and choked up a bit. He said, "Maria would be fine, she had brought God into her world a few years ago and now she was the head angel. She'll liked being in charge." He wanted some prayers for the family, Maria was in good hands.
"Zip" just wanted to hunt bear, roam the woods and drink a few beers with the boys. I threatened to send pictures out, him "resting" in the easy chair, dining room chair, back porch lounge chair or "Boo-Boo", the svelte bear he shot. It was all in fun and he enjoyed the respite prior to surgery. The hardworking welder/boilermaker has suffered some injuries over the years and it's taken a toll, but that smile under his Fu Manchu is infectious and sitting on Jamie's back porch with him watching the sun rise was special.
He'll be back for another hunt and can have the same stand on the back field any time he wants. There where a few man tears, twenty years of hunting camp gather a lot of stories and there's going to be at least 20 more years, probably a little bit slower though. We all headed out Saturday morning after a bit longer good-byes than usual, you worry but you also know things will be alright.
Havana was a long drive Saturday, I had to drop Zach off, and there was time to think. Two people from different walks of life are struggling, one fought the battle, the other just now commencing the fight. A round of golf presents its challenges but never like life, however, that ol' "one shot at a time" axiom gets you through life. Face what's right in front of you, don't worry about the next step, plus you need guidance from the "guy upstairs". In golf we call it luck, in life we think of it as a little help.
Right now, "Zip" and his family need a little help, so does the Floyd family. All are special people, a few thoughts and prayers would mean a lot to everyone.
I'm off to Hawaii Monday after an overnighter in Havana and some time with the family. We need a little luck but also need to keep this golf game in perspective.
Take care. . . . . . . Mark
Mark Huber
PGA Tour Caddy

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