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You Just Can't Escape Golf Chat

Posted May 25, 2011 by Mark's Kaddy Korner

All everyone wanted to talk about was Tiger

Sorry folks, there wasn’t much news the last few weeks so I took a break; I know you got along fine without me. I spent two weeks spring cleaning in Illinois, Wisconsin and Mackinac Island. Mom and Dad needed a bit of help with the garden and some other chores, my cabin was a major overhaul and Wendy’s place required a minor tune-up for the summer. There was quite a bit of work but spending time with friends and family was therapeutic.

I actually tried to avoid golf but a particular conversation kept popping up. Sipping coffee with Dad’s buddies at Hardee’s, leaning on the old pickup truck listening to The Player’s Championship with my hunting cronies, riding bikes around Mackinac Island or playing my first nine holes since surgery at Mellen CC with “Schmitty”, it didn’t matter, everyone wanted to know about Tiger. They all had their opinions. Folks who never play golf were following the Tiger travails.

We’re losing one of our sports heroes and icons. One and all expressed their hurt; I didn’t hear any sympathy for Tiger’s situation. I’m not sure if a sports icon has ever fallen this hard. While we were chopping firewood Sunday afternoon the Brewers were on the radio but the conversation was on steroids and baseball during beverage breaks. Jamie, Dave or “Zippy” asked about Tiger, steroids and my suspicions. There’s been no proof but a lot of smoke around Tiger’s fire.

Ever since the PGA Tour installed their drug testing policy Tiger has struggled with a series of injuries, mainly his left knee. The knee has been an issue since Stanford days when he had a couple of benign tumors removed. Steroids, according to many experts, don’t help your fast twitch muscle groups but they can sure help recuperative powers and strength. Anyone who has an injury or works out extremely hard definitely benefits from HGH or a PED. The drugs help maintain a higher performance level and allow an athlete a quicker return to action. Ask Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds if they could have worked as hard for as long without PEDs.

Lance Armstrong, Tiger, Annika, any of the sports figures I look up to, I hope they are clean. But, these days it’s tough to maintain the competitive level your fans expect. Major League baseball condoned steroid use to pack the ballparks. Hopefully, Tim Finchem and the PGA Tour didn’t do the same. Jack’s record is looking so much better these days. He only sipped coffee, smoked a few cigarettes, had a couple cocktails and raised a wonderful family during all his major wins.

Well, it’s back to work in Louisville this week. The forecast isn’t good and we played our practice round yesterday in sloppy conditions, in fact, it’s raining as I write. Valhalla will play extremely long, not really suited for our game but knowing Bob he’ll battle his posterior off and come up with a decent score. Weather was good in the Northwest and he was able to practice quite a bit; good things are coming the next few weeks. He’s actually taking Hickory, NC off breaking the longest continuous tournament streak on the Champions Tour.

- Mark Huber

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