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Pro Caddy, Mark Huber, is back from Scotland

Posted Aug 13, 2012 by Mark's Kaddy Korner

Sorry it's going to be short, sweet, hurried and pobably gramiticol arrows every, all you proofreaders should have a field day. I'm a bit frazzled just got out of Mellen after about 10 ours of mowing and a late night on Jamie's back porch watching a storm role in off Lake Superior --- it was the perfect day, only wish it could have lasted a week. I'm sitting in Minocqua, just missed breakfast at McDonald's but the Wi-Fi hook up came in handy. I needed to be someplace wear no one recognized me, showering was not an option at the cabin.
It was so nice to be back in the midwest and the 3M Championship probably has the highest attendance of any non-major on tour. The Twin Cities golf fanatics support the twenty year old event like non other, maybe Des Moines and Birmingham, and it's nice bumping into folks from Mellen, Eau Claire, and some of my old baseball opponents from years ago. I get a few hollers from the crowd and a familiar face pokes through the ropes. Al Linquist and his buddy Ken were manning the ice brigade and we chatted often. Nice of the boys to volunteer there services.
It was seven different beds in seven nights last week. Starting a week ago Saturday I've Ben in a different bed, or couch, or chair every evining. Wednesday and Sunday night I was in my cabin bed and last night I dozed off in Jamie's lounge chair while Allan was strumming a $5 out of tune guitar. It was quite nice but I was worn out. The long week in the Cities, back and forth to the cabin, two pro-ams and jet lag took its toll. Ryan Walther, BogeyPro genius, graciously opened his home for me while they were at their St. Croix Falls lake house.
Bob let me off early after our morning pro-am with a bunch of 3M "Cancucks" and I scooted to the cabin then back again the next morning for our afternoon fivesome. A night grilling on the deck overlooking the fields and coffee in the morning in light fog is worth the 7 hour round trip.
It sure was nice having the carts back after walking the last 5 out of 6 weeks. Both foursomes were a bunch of fun, frugal despite demanding a lot of attention. Thursday we had "one of those guys", single digit handicap who wanted all the information, asked way to many questions and had to be in the middle of everything. He actually stood between Bob and I a few times while we were discussing a shot and offered his two cents. We were polite but had a few choice words for him while in the friendly confines of out cart.
One of the nice things about being back in the Midwest is listening to Wisconsin and Minnesota Public Radio while travelling or sitting on the deck. I actually feel a bit educated and slightly more intelligent after a few days with NPR, plus "Blue Monday" from WOJB in Lac Coudereilles might be the highlight of my week. The music doesn't get any better, especially after a long day of mowing.
I was kind of expecting a great week. Bob has a decent history here and after our nice weekend at Turnberry my hopes were high. He practiced a bit Tuesday, gave me the day off for travel purposes and was still a bit jet-lagged when I saw him Wednesday morning. He assured me he'd be ready Friday, and he was, but his putter wasn't. We didn't miss a fairway, only a couple greens and struggled to a 73 while everyone was going low.
Walking on to the practice tee Thursday afternoon a couple strangers but Kaddy Korner fans, Eric Hjortness and his brother, invited me to Hastings CC for a the Midwest Cup, a fish fry and a few free beers. It's a 12 man team competition with teams from Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Nebraska. It wasn't a "Huber Fish Fry" but it was a nice evening after the teams finished there 6 hour rounds. These boys could play some golf, now there of and spent a lot of their summer time travelling to various events. BogeyPro paraphenalia was definitely a hit with these fanatics.
We were cracking dawn Saturday morning after out lackluster putting exhibit but managed a three birdies and no bogies. He was playing well just needed some putts falling over the edge instead of peeking then running by. I sat around the caddy hospitality after the round stuffing my face and chatting with the caddy volunteers. Hollis Cavner, tournament director, upgraded out "digs" making for a very enjoyable hangout before and after the round.
It's a family affair running the caddy tent directly behind the clubhouse. Mark, his wife and daughter, plus Becky and her daughter take real good care of us. There's a large screen TV, a video golf game ("Wiz" beat up on everyone), catered meals every day, a masseuse early in the week and cold beer with your pizza in the evening. I think Jack and Bruce slept in the back corner each night or maybe in the cart barn.
I shuck up to the lake Saturday afternoon and relaxed with the BogeyPro family. Ryan and his wife Jen have 4 kids ages, 18 month to 7 years. God bless them, they're wonderful and their friends brought a few of theirs. I think there were nine in all but I lost count, the youngest 6 weeks and the elder seven. I brought Miller "ponies" snuck into the corner and watched the show, it was a wonderful day at the lake. It sure beats the hell out of a hotel room.
We were still out early Sunday, playing with Bob Tway and Brad Faxon again. Both of them can roll their rock and their caddies have been around longer than me. We probably had about ninty years of caddy experience, intelligence, no really just B.S. in the group. It was bunches of fun giving each other crap and watch our boys drop a few putts. Bob birdied the first three holes then walking off the par 5 third green Tway yelled over his shoulder, "Hey, Glider, you cann share some of those with us."
We lipped out on four, birdied the next two and stepped on the reachable par 4 7th with a chance to jump into top ten early in the day. Our drive was about ten yards off the front edge, the chip came up woefully short, our "MO" was severely gouged. We bogied the next two, found two trees with our tee ball and third shot on the reachable par 5 twelfth then lipped out our 30 foot par putt. Tway was making birdie after birdie and one-putting every other green, we shared way to much, I think it's time for us to get greedy.
We finished -4, tied for 46th and Tway shot 13 under on the weekend to go from DFL to T-23. We really need some weekends like that and as we were packing up Bob said he would be working his hinder off this week. We need a big rally these last couple months or the cupboard may be bear this winter.
It's a week off but I have some more stories from Scotland and pictures to share next week.

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