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Champions Tour Loses Another Event

Professional Caddy Mark Huber on the Economiics of Tournament Golf

Posted Jan 26, 2011 by Mark's Kaddy Korner

While my quiche was finishing up in the oven, yes real old caddies eat quiche; I checked emails and received a quick note from Sandy, Tom Kite's caddy. The Champions Tour just released the following statement:

Cap Cana Championship

I regret to inform you that the Cap Cana Championship will not be played in 2011. Although Ricardo Hazoury and the Cap Cana Resort wanted to continue the event, and went to great lengths in attempting to secure financial support from numerous sources, in the end they were unable to obtain the funding necessary to proceed. Critical to the continuation was the receipt of financial underpinning from the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism. Despite overtures of support for the event from the President Leonel Fernandez and other government officials, a commitment could not be secured. We worked diligently with the Cap Cana representatives over the last several months exploring several funding and sponsorship options to no avail. Facing logistics deadlines relating to international shipments and governmental regulations, we had no alternative but to cancel the event. We will continue to work with Cap Cana representatives and the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism with the hope of playing an event in 2012.

China – New Event

Our negotiations continue with representatives from Reignwood Pine Valley and the China Golf Association, and we expect resolution by January 31. Additional information will be forthcoming as it becomes available.

Ever since Deane Beman left the commish's office the Champions Tour slid down the totem pole. Granted Deane had a vested interest in the Senior Tour back then, he was turning 50 soon and wanted to play on the Senior Tour.

These days Tim Finchem has a special interest in the PGA Tour because his salary is tied into the purse size of each tournament. In the mid 90s the Senior Tour was on par with the young boys, and then Tiger came along. Jack, Arnie, Chi-Chi, Lee, Gary, and Raymond slowly retired and the Champions Tour lost tournaments every year. Purses remained constant, Finchem coerced certain Senior Tour events to join the PGA household and the PGA purses tripled with Tiger on the prowl.

The Champions Tour is now a second thought, maybe third, the economy hasn't helped, and after the ESPN to CNBC debacle the old guys tour has dwindled from 40 some tournaments to around 28. Finchem came along with Tiger at the right time and forgot about the old veterans who led the way years ago on the PGA Tour. Without them the established PGA events wouldn't be around, they laid the groundwork.

Too bad the guys who built this tour, created the corporate relationships, entertained the galleries, and battled for their money aren't receiving the same assistance the young, self-absorbed, entitled generation requires on the PGA Tour.

- Mark Huber

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