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The Jack Nicklaus-designed 'Signature Course'

St Mellion's stunning championship course has something for every golfer

Posted Mar 03, 2011 by Jeff Dawson

St Mellion International Resort

With the sun shining, the sky as blue as the ocean and light glistening on Cornish dew, you could easily have mistaken it for summer. But it was the perfect, beautiful spring day for golf. And what better place than St Mellion International Resort’s prestigious and iconic Jack Nicklaus designed ‘Signature Course’, the first of his on this side of the Atlantic, to play?
Well we were fortunate enough to go along to the Cornish resort and play 18 holes on this championship course, described by St Mellion’s Director of Golf, David Moon, as “a piece of art”. And he couldn’t have described it better.
This was the first time we had played the ‘Signature Course’ and, despite its difficulty, it was a memorable and thoroughly enjoyable experience.
For those of you yet to make your way to this resort near the Cornwall and Devon border, start to make plans to do so now. The Nicklaus course is majestic. It’s so good that you could easily lift it from Cornwall and drop it in America and it wouldn’t be out of place. The world’s best would enjoy the experience of playing it.
With many features similar to what you see at Augusta National in the US, St Mellion plays extremely narrow throughout and if you find trouble, the average golfer will struggle to recover effectively.
But that doesn’t matter. It’s simply - for the average golfer playing for fun - the enjoyment of being here that matters. The stunning landscape, including mature trees and shrubbery, against a backdrop of staggering Cornish skies is a joy to behold and the golf, although that’s why you’re there almost becomes secondary to the experience.
From a golfing perspective, the most enjoyable part of this course is that it constantly presents you with new, fresh challenges and a test of your decision-making skills throughout the round. No two holes are the same and every facet of your game will be tested to the max.
The biggest challenge for us came on the par threes and we struggled to get to grips with the four that are scattered around the course. It was easy to drop shots at these and be weary that if you don’t find the dancefloor, you’re likely to be in a spot of bother. But then again, you can say that about every hole on this magical course!
A tip for all golfers out there that will hopefully make your round easier and your score better – buy yourself a course guide and reap the benefits of the tips within these pages.
The only note of slight disappointment, more of a small inconvenience than anything else, was on the greens. There had been a lot of rainfall over the days before our visit and the ground was soft which meant pitch marks were easy to make and many of the players out over these days before our round had failed to repair them making parts of the green bumpy. Not St Mellion’s fault at all but a gentle reminder to players out there reading this to make good on any divots or pitch marks you cause throughout your round.
Apart from that, the whole round and the complete experience was sensational and I’d recommend anyone visiting the area to try and play a round here.
St Mellion International Resort’s Jack Nicklaus ‘Signature Course’ is worth making a very special effort to play at.

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