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Ryder Cup organisers deserve praise

Tweeting banned for Ryder Cup stars

Posted Sep 29, 2010 by Jeff Dawson

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So I touched on this yesterday, but today I wanted to look at it in more depth – and that’s the ban on players tweeting during the Ryder Cup.
This illustrious competition has taken the necessary measures to ensure that it isn’t tarnished by any outburst from the players. And I think they deserve a big pat on the back for this.
We have seen so many sports fall foul to such tirades – cricket’s Kevin Pieterson and football’s Ryan Babel to name a few – and we have seen the negative effectives Twitter and other forms of social media can have on a sport’s reputation.
So let’s look at Twitter. This site is growing dramatically all the time and I believe there are approximately 105 million (as of April this year) people using this social networking website. I am one of those 105 million.
I have seen the benefits of having an account from a business point of view. It has driven lots of traffic to my website purely by posting regular updates. And I only have 43 followers at present! The speed in which information can be relayed is frightening. And I believe it is this that terrifies the organizers of the Ryder Cup.
Let’s face it, the Ryder Cup can get heated at times. History tells us that there will be some sledging or incident of note that we will be privy too. So why would the organizers wish to encourage this? Simply they wouldn’t.
Social media is a fantastic tool and when used for the right reasons it can be extremely powerful. But if it is used to moan or slag off something then I think the user has gone too far.
I think the Ryder Cup has done a creditable thing here and deserves massive respect. Maybe other organizations should take note and follow suit.

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