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The Ring of Kerry golf course will leave you wanting more

Posted Dec 23, 2010 by Jeff Dawson

Ring of Kerry Golf and Country Club

If you’ve ever played golf in Ireland, you’ll know there’s a certain kind of magic associated with it. The weather is more volatile than here, the scenery is more spectacular than most places in the world and the locals are so friendly.

It’s my favourite location for golf, and in particular one course and one area – The Ring of Kerry Golf and Country Club in Kenmare, south western Ireland.I’ve only been here once but let me tell you this – forget the high winds and heavy (and when I say heavy I mean heavy) rain and forget the score I shot over my two rounds (let’s just say it was well and truly one of the worst performances of my life), this was without doubt the most enjoyable weekend of golf I have ever played.

I went with a friend for three days and we played two rounds at the Ring of Kerry. Having read the reviews I was certain we were going to be playing on a top course, and I wasn’t wrong.The ground was sodden – it rains a lot in Ireland if you aren’t aware! – it was cold, it was raining and it was blowing a gale, but standing on that first tee, I felt like a professional. Shame I didn’t play like one!

The course was wonderfully designed and put together. It uses the local landscape brilliantly and there are some simply breathtaking holes such as the third – a majestic par three that sees you play over a rock face onto a blind green.

The course is designed with views across Kenmare Bay and when you combine that with the beautiful mountains that sit as a backdrop, you realise that at that point, when you’re stood on the tee, you are perhaps the luckiest person alive.

This is more than a golf course. It’s more than simply turning up and hitting a few balls. This is an experience. An experience to be treasured and savoured and looked back on in years to come when your game is no longer there and you can no longer escape the rat race at a place like this.

If you get the chance to play one golf course in Ireland, make it this one. The Ring of Kerry will not only provide you with a massive challenge as a player, it will provide you with memories of beautiful and spectacular views. You will feel privileged to have played there.

Just one tip though, go in the summer months if you want to stay dry! Although, there’s no guarantees with that in Ireland!

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