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Posted Sep 16, 2008 by In Golf We Trust

7 Things


‘Wonder if they’ve got a tee time for a ten-ball available?’



Kids, who'd have 'em? You put a golf club in their hands with the intention of getting them started early, and the next thing you know it, they're taking you to the cleaners. As you can see, we’ve learned that youngsters are quite good at golf this week, as well as a whole host of other things…

1. Golf courses are depressing places

Thing are always pretty grim in Scotland, but we've never known a story similar to that of 51-year-old Bob Higgins. After suddenly resigning from his job of 12 years, Higgins went and set himself on fire at Carnoustie, whose greenkepers were understandably shocked to find his burning corpse on a fairway.

2. God doesn't like golf

What with the Ryder Cup this week, you thought the big man upstairs would have had the decency to make sure Hurricane Ike steered clear of Valhalla. He should count himself lucky that he's not the one who has to clear it up.

3. Michael Campbell is quite good at golf

Remember Michael Campbell, the fella who won the 2005 US Open? Cambo finished third last week at the Mercedez-Benz Championship and has enjoyed three top-ten finishes in his last four starts. Don't want to tempt fate or anything, but it's only a matter of time before he's back on the winner's circle...

4. Golf and crime don't mix (Part 382)

We're getting sick and tired of this golfing crimewave that's been happening recently. Two burglars who broke into Haywards Heath GC, however, got more than they bargained for when a member of the green staff intervened. The poor sod suffered head injuries after being hit with with an unknown object, but at least he had a go...

5. Kids are quite good at golf (Part 1095)

It always amazes us how kids can pick up a set of clubs and within a few years, they're firing aces all over the shop. Take 10-year-old Kiwi, Jahkobi Harris, who aced the par-three 14th at Sherwood Park after two years of playing. It took his old man 40 years to get a hole-in-one. We're still waiting for ours...

6. Money can't buy you manners

We recently told the tale of Andrew Giuliani, son of former New York Mayor Rudy, who is suing Duke Univeristy for being kicked off the golf team without warning. Well, it turns out that Andrew deserved it; the youngster broke a club, threw an apple in the face of a former teammate and cursed one of his trainers. Son of Rudy Giuliani or not, you just don't do that...

7. Green staff are rubbish (Part 12)

You just can't find decent green staff nowadays it seems. A golf track in Austria was turned into a desert after one of the groundsmen used industrial-strength pesticide instead of Kick fertiliser. The cost of his mistake? £400,000. He can probably forget about that bonus for now...


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