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"It was just a matter of time," he says...

Posted Jun 08, 2009 by Iestyn George

It's the default-setting of every golfer who's ever stood on the first tee to try and smash the ball half way into the week-after-next. Everyone knows it isn't the most intelligent way to approach the game, but until Cobra advertise drivers that are short and accurate and Titleist start claiming that their ball doesn't go further than the competition, it'll always be that way.

Tiger Woods' driving was the talk of the week at the Memorial Tournament in Muirfield, as he landed the 67th tournament win of his career. Tiger missed just five fairways all week, his best performance for five years.

What really interests us here at Imagine Golf is the question whether he had to swallow hard before deciding to up the loft on his Nike driver from 9.5 to 10 degrees? Did it hurt his manly pride, just a touch? 

What I know about the golf swing could be written on the back of a stamp, but when Tiger clenches his teeth and tries to smash it off the tee, he sometimes reminds me of me and every other hacker, albeit one who can hit the ball further in one shot that I could in two (on a good day).

Tiger's iron play wasn't too bad either - his playing partner Michael Letzig  admitted that it was difficult not to get sucked into the role of a spectator: "I tried not to watch him, but some of those short were unreal."

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