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What have you got to lose except a free holiday?

Posted Mar 25, 2010 by Iestyn George


We like to think of ourselves as a sociable lot at ImagineGolfClub, which is just as well seeing that we're in the process of creating the world's biggest golf club. We want you all to get involved, but we know full well that there's got to be something in it for you.

Membership of ImagineGolfClub means you get the inside track to golf.

- When was the last time you joined a club at no cost and the first thing the people running it did was offer you free flights anywhere in the world?
- How often do people offer to market your services as a professional golfer or the facilities at your club and driving range - for free?
- Are you just spoilt rotten with opportunities to market your golf resort to hundreds of thousands of active golfers?

We're guessing the answer to the questions are 'never', 'very rarely' and 'no'. Of course, if life was simple, you'd just sign up now and we could get on with providing you with great news and views and competitions, as well as rolling out new elements to the site that will allow you to organise weekend knockabouts with your mates, or a serious golfing getaway anywhere in the world.

You might have a question or two you'd like answered. Perhaps you'd like to give us some useful feedback about how we could make the ImagineGolfClub experience better for our members.

So talk 2 us. Drop me an email at Best not ask for any putting tips, though, unless you're really desperate.

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