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Donald Schmuck?

He ain't heavy, he's Luke's brother

Posted Jan 20, 2010 by Iestyn George

luke donald mizuno

It´s difficult to know just what makes Luke Donald tick (now that´s a front-runner for understatement of the week). The relationship between a player and caddy is complex enough without bringing family ties into play. The British golfer recently decided to terminate the employment of his brother Christian, who had carried his bag on tour for eight years.

Donald Jr felt guilty and emotional, but all is apparently well between the siblings, with Chris arguably moving up a notch by joining forces with Paul Casey. I doubt if Luke´s quote in The Chicago Tribune will do much for family harmony, however: “Now it's new; it's fresh. And anytime you get something new - a new driver, new putter - you're excited about it." Way to go comparing your flesh and blood to a piece of golf equpiment young Luke…

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