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Thinking of Buying Second Hand Clubs

A Quick Guide to Buying Second Hand Golf Clubs

Posted Mar 21, 2011 by Equipment News

second hand clubs

Investing in a set of golf clubs is a big expenditure for anyone, but for those who are new to the sport buying second hand will always be the most sensible option. You do not want to max out your credit cards on an expensive set of brand new clubs, only to find a month down the line that golf is not for you.

When looking for used golf clubs there are a variety of different places you can buy. The best place to start is your local paper’s free ads or the notice board at your nearest golf club, where many people will advertise their old clubs. These options are preferable to buying online as it is important to try out the clubs before you buy, as the ‘feel’ of a club is so vital. If you must shop online then eBay, Gumtree and specialist second hand online golf stores should be your first points of call.

If you do have the option to look at your clubs before you buy them, then be sure to take it. When you do, there are a few basic checks that are worth doing to make sure they are up to scratch. Firstly, look at the clubs heads – check for heads that are severely worn down or indented. If the club face does not have well defined grooves due to wear and tear, the flight of the ball may be affected.

Secondly it pays to examine the shaft and grip of the club. Check the shaft to ensure it is straight and has not been bent back into line and check the grips for signs of cracking or splits – if these are evident then you may need to re-grip, which at around £10 per grip, can be expensive if necessary for a complete set of clubs.

You will also want to compare the clubs within the set against one another. This is to check that they are all from the same original set, as playing with a mixture of clubs may affect elements of your game – such as length and loft control - in the long term.

If you are buying online, therefore unable to check the clubs over before you buy, stick to these simple rules of thumb. Firstly stick to brands that have a good reputation – although there is no reason to suggest that a lesser known brand would not be of sufficient quality, you can be sure that a Titleist (for example) will be of the quality you would expect from a well known brand.

As with all types of online shopping, it certainly pays to shop around when looking for golf clubs. Club manufacturers often offer large discounts on last seasons, even the season before that’s clubs, so it’s worth checking out the price difference between the second hand set you are considering and the equivalent brand new but discounted set, as these are often not too dissimilar.

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