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The Titleist 910Fd Fairway Wood

Larger clubface breeds confidence behind the ball

Posted Mar 29, 2011 by Equipment News

The Titleist 910Fd Fairway Wood

Your choice of fairway woods is as individual as you, so choosing the right one can be a difficult task. We’ve looked at an offering from Mizuno and Nike, now we see what Titleist has to offer – and we’re equally as impressed with the 910Fd.
This had a slightly larger, deeper face and this alone breathed a sense of confidence when lining up behind the ball – both from the turf and from the tee.
We felt an air of comfort with this club, as if no matter how we swung, we were likely to get some purchase on the ball and find some distance. And that was probably the one big plus point for the club.
Titleist have clearly earmarked this as an area where they can excel and they have done it admirably well.
Each club isn’t cheap, starting at £215, but this is the kind of club that can last you years and make your golf more enjoyable in the process.
They have also worked hard on the technology behind the club too, with the Titleist website stating “with the patented, innovative, dual andle SureFit Tour hosel technology allowing you to set loft and lie independently to optimise ball flight – higher or lower, and for more draw or fade – for increased distance and improved shot control.”
Titleist haven’t cut any corners with this fairway wood and we recommend giving it a bash. We got a great feel from the club, found good distance and accuracy and liked the weight of it in hand.
All in all we were very impressed but as we said at the start, the choice of fairway wood is completely individual. So, go along to your local retailer, ask to have a go with it and see how you get on. We think you won’t be disappointed.

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