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The Nike VR Pro Fairway Woods

Mind blowing design and playability from Nike

Posted Mar 23, 2011 by Equipment News

Nike VR Pro Fairway Woods

Mind. Blowing. And that’s just the description on Nike’s website about its VR Pro Fairway Woods! These clubs a truly remarkable and can help the more competitive player to get more from their fairway woods than ever before.
Written in the product detail on Nike’s website, it reads: “Imagine more. From off the tee, in the fairway or from the rough, don’t sacrifice distance for workability. By delivering more speed at more spots on the clubface, the VR PRO STR8-FIT Tour Fairway Woods increase distance on the variety of shot shapes elite players hit.”
This beautifully crafted piece of golfing engineering has it all. When lining up behind the ball you have enough club there to give you confidence and the feel and weight within the hands was just about perfect. Again, enough to know it’s there but not too much to distract you from the focus you need when addressing the ball.
The design has apparently had input from Tour athletes and Nike reports that ‘they asked for a flat profile and low leading edges for confidence over the ball and greater control’.
It also says that it has ’45 yards of total perfection’ stating that no matter how you shape your shots, you have plenty of scope to do it brilliantly with this club. And we have to agree. We were able to fade the ball well and for those of us who could, we drew the ball into the target very nicely. And that was achieved from the 32 options you have to personalise the angle of the clubface.
All in all, this was a lovely club to have in hand and it did everything it said it was going to do. A fantastic fairway wood for the low handicapper.

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