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The Mizuno JPX800 Fairway Woods

A stunning fairway wood, perfect for all levels

Posted Mar 15, 2011 by Equipment News

The Mizuno JPX800 Fairway Woods

Having been looking for a new fairway wood for some time, the discovery of the Mizuno JPX800 series was mind blowing and definitely something worth biding time over.
It’s beautiful design and stunning finish grabbed attention straight away and from there it only got better. Available as a 3w (15 degree loft), 5w (18 degree) and 7w (21 degree) – for right-handers only – its playability was fantastic and it consistently delivered good distance, shape and direction as well as excellent control.
It was fantastic to come across it in the local pro shop and it was only after trying it and researching it that its true excellence shone through.
It has been designed for amateurs of all levels and I honestly believe that pretty much everyone will get on with this club. According to Mizuno ‘the JPX800’s ‘Balanced Performance’ design ensures that criteria of ball speed, feedback, forgiveness and address position are enhanced hand-in-hand without either adversely impacting the other.’ And they’re right.
Its graphite shaft is lightweight yet rigid enough so that you can feel it in your hands. It is beautiful to look at and even better to address your ball with. And it just feels so comfortable to use.
Andy Kikidas, the Tour Operations Manager at Mizuno Europe, told their website: “Although it was primarily designed for amateur golfers, we had incredible success with the previous MX-700 fairway woods on tour. Once we bent open the clubface, Chris Wood actually preferred the trajectory and size of the MX-700 over the 'Tour Ready' MP model. Feedback from our National Fitting Centres indicated that as modern fairway woods became easier to hit, 'closing off' the clubface was potentially more damaging than helpful. Contrary to popular belief, a squarer clubface promoted a better set up and more confidence for the majority of amateurs. In that light the tour version of the MX-700 became the blueprint for the new JPX800 fairway woods.”
This club is a sensational fairway wood and I’d recommend anyone going down to their local pro shop, picking one out and having a go with it. You will not be disappointed.

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