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The Chipmaster!

The worst club type ever invented!

Posted Apr 20, 2011 by Equipment News

Forgan Series 3 Chipper

For years a friend played with a club called ‘The Chipmaster’ and he was slated for his inability to use a ‘proper’ club around the greens but having done some research it now appears these clubs are becoming popular. And I can’t understand why!
These, in my humble opinion, take all the skill away from chipping and hinder people’s ability to learn how to do it properly. They are more of a substitute for hard work rather than an assistance with a problem.
So do you use one? Well if you do, I stick by what I say and I think you should take some lessons on how to play from around the green effectively with your proper clubs.
But, trying to be impartial for a moment, there is plenty of choice for novice golfers out there looking for a helping hand with possibly the hardest part of the sport.
The Palm Springs 2EZ Chipper costs just RRP £16.99 and should eliminate any fear of striking the ground or thinning the ball through to the rear of the putting surface.
There’s also the Forgan Series 3 Chipper and, at £19.99, this looks better and should give you equally good performance.
So that’s as much as you’re going to get from me about these chippers. Admittedly they will bring your scores down and if that’s all you’re interested in then go for it. But if you wish to learn the art of golf, which by the way I have far from mastered, then get yourself down to your local club and get on the chipping green. That will improve your game, give you great discipline and enable you to develop technique that will help other parts of your game.
Finally, I can see there is a place for these clubs in the game especially for those amateurs who play once in a blue moon and need help keeping their scores semi-respectable but I believe that the majority of players would get more from learning how to use their other clubs around the green better.
Whatever you choose, I wish you the best of luck.

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