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The Nike ONE Tour ball - a fantastic option for the low handicapper

Posted Oct 26, 2010 by Equipment News

Nike ONE Tour golf balls

So we’ve had a look at the Nike Power Distance High balls and told you how they generate more distance off the tee, but what if you’re already capable with the driver? What ball should you choose?
Well, looking at another Nike ball, for the better golfers, the Nike ONE Tour ball is a fantastic option. If you have a higher swing speed and you’re looking for Tour-level performance, you desire more spin around the green and you want to keep your distance off the tee then look no further than this ball.
It’s four-piece construction, seamless urethane cover and Power Transfer Technology deliver distance, accuracy, comfort and feel.
It’s really quite a special ball and is the one a certain Mr Tiger Woods has in his bag. And look how good he is!
Each layer provides something different for this ball and helps generate great feel all over the course. It’s a ball I have used in the past and always got on well with.
So what’s so special about this ball then? Well the core has Nike’s progressive density core and this has been optimized to increase velocity, to help control excess spin and to improve the general feel.
Next up is the Power Transfer Layer that, I believe, is unique to this ball. The advanced polymer layer maximizes velocity, distance and control with every club whilst the inner cover extends feel and workability of the ball into the low scoring irons. Then finally, the outer cover is soft and seamless urethane combined with 378 dimples and this provides superior feel and long, predictable flight.
This ball is aimed at low-handicappers and extremely accomplished golfers so wouldn’t be right for the average Joe out on the golf course, although that’s not to say you couldn’t give it a go! But if you fit into the type of player Nike are looking to aim at, then give this ball a try as it may give you that extra control you’ve been longing for.

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